Thursday, January 07, 2010

Headache City

Headache City's second album, We Can’t Have Anything Nice, snuck out quietly late last year but makes just as much noise as their self-titled debut from 2006. The turbo-charged speed might be a nod to their Chicago hometown's hardcore history, but the furious thrash and gleeful guitar solos point to a stronger affiliation with both the New York Dolls’ debauched glamour and the original spirit of 76.

Stand By My Side is all ramalama rock’n’roll and handclaps; and if the refrain to Down The Drain (“just watch our lives wash down the drain/we live our lives like we’re insane”) seems well-worn, you can’t help but smile at its panache and the conviction of its delivery.

Unlike their eponymous debut, which was enriched by two songs (Suicide Summer and Wax Pedigree) a cut above the rest, there’s no stand-out classic on We Can’t Have Anything Nice. This makes the album a more even affair and a fraction stronger for it, too.

Interested purchasers have got one option.

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