Friday, January 08, 2010

Joe Pernice solo gigs

I've seen Joe Pernice, in whatever band he was touting at the time, live many times over the years and enjoyed each gig. It's been a while since the last one and given that the gross cost of a ticket is almost twenty notes for the London show, it'll be a while until I see him again. Seriously, touring acts, don't use seetickets. Their mark-up takes the piss.

Tuesday, Jan. 26
The Union Chapel, Islington, London

Unless Mr Pernice is careful, he's only going to sell tickets to long-term fans; the ticket price suggests the thinking might be 'the audience is the same as before, only they're older and wealthier now'. It's often those with most money (those high-powered jobs take their toll, you know) who lose interest in going to gigs. Especially on a Tuesday night.

Tickets are cheaper for the two other dates (no seetickets interference and, of course, held in towns where the streets aren't paved with gold...).

Wednesday, Jan. 27
Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland

Thursday, Jan. 28
Academy 3, Manchester, UK


lauree said...

doesn't the choice of ticket agents have more to do with the venue than Joe himself, though? Plus, I checked the venue site, you can also get a ticket through ticketweb, granted it's only slightly cheaper.

I suppose the only thing Joe has control over is what he might charge as a guarantee for the evening. But last I checked, he wasn't selling hundreds of millions of copies either. His solo shows in the US are $15.

But I very much understand the situation. You've got to pick & choose which shows to attend according to budget. I'm seeing a lot less than I used to for the very same reason.

Fire Escape said...

Fair points, Lauree, but I suppose one of main concerns is Joe's ticket price (for the London gig) is around the mark for a heritage act. You know, those acts who trade on their reputation rather than generating excitement on the pulse of their latest recordings.

lauree said...

Didn't realize heritage acts were priced similar, and I suppose I wouldn't being in the US! :)

I've been a fan of Pernice's music since Scud Mountain Boys so I do try to see him in any form, but it's not always possible.

btw, I read your blog regularly, I was just curious about this one!