Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stolen Hearts

Another girl group with guitars? Nope. There are two blokes in Stolen Hearts, but photographers seem to focus on the three ladies (who are admittedly rather easy on the eye).
I bet they sound like The Shop Assistants. Wrong again. Their songs are full of chugging new wave bass, driving guitars and infectious 60s pop. Their favourite records may well be Blondie’s Parallel Lines, the Ramones’ debut album and Spector’s Philles classics.
So they use the Be My Baby drumbeat. Of course they do. Listen to Heart Collector for proof (and, you know, because it’s great; students will no doubt be getting drunk and contracting STDs every Spring Break for years to the sound of Stolen Hearts).
Afro-beat? Fuck knows. They describe themselves as “Powerpop / Rock / Afro-beat”. The first two you can’t argue with; perhaps the latter is a marketing ruse (aka "a lie") to get some of the Vampire Weekend dollar.


brogues said...

The song 'Fire' on the flip is a magic, too. Great single! Any idea who The Sponsors are/were?

Fire Escape said...

No idea. Perhaps another reader can help us out.

Anonymous said...

The Sponsors were a band from NY. Released a s/t LP in '82 on Plexus Records. They also have a couple songs on a powerpop comp called Yellow Pills:prefill. Hope that helps.

Fire Escape said...

It does! Thanks for your help, Michelle (and if you're Michelle from the Stolen Hearts, I shall dine out on this for months).