Monday, July 27, 2009

PO! - Northern Wonder

Do you want a copy of Northern Wonder by PO!? I have a spare copy of the 7”; I have no idea why I have two copies , or why it’s taken me 15 years to realise I’ve got two. I only need one, so if this is missing from your record collection this is why I have two you’re welcome to my spare. I’d be keener to give this to someone in the UK for postage reasons and keener still to give it to someone in London to save completely on postage.

Admittedly, I don’t expect a stampede of PO! fans, based on my experience of ordering their debut album, Little Stones, 20 years ago. The first 50 copies came signed; not being a fan of signed records, I waited a few weeks to ensure I got an unsigned copy. Oh, the naiveté. I got copy number 36. Factoring in the copies kept by band members, given to their mums and anyone who helped out in the recording process, Little Stones wasn’t exactly flying out of the Rutland Records warehouse. Great album, though.

Anyway, want this single? Let me know.

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