Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Puddle videos and interview

"That was always my ambition, from reasonably early on in The Puddle. There were a few bands like Microdisney or The Smiths or Orange Juice ... I thought, `why aren't people doing this? It's great'. So I had to do it. No-one else was going to."
Interview with The Otago Times

The Puddle’s first video, for Naked from The Shakespeare Monkey album, has been filmed:

It’s greatly pleasing and very encouraging that The Puddle’s superb music is starting to be recognised by a wider audience outside of their New Zealand homeland. Following The Clientele’s tribute to The Puddle’s I’ve Lost My Way In This World, George Says He Has Lost His Way In This World, The Cavalcade have a new song, No Strength, which Stephen of the band tells me is "sort of our tribute to The Puddle... (replete with cowbell a la The White Birds)".

The Puddle are currently touring NZ, on which their live-to-air radio performance of One Romantic Gesture was filmed (featuring much doorbell, but no cowbell):

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