Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lost Soul: Bobby Reed

If you don't know Bobby Reed's The Time Is Right For Love you might be familiar with the song as St Etienne sampled it heavily on Spring.

It's included on the Soul Spectrum Vol 2 album, which is about to be reissued.

The b-side, also from the pens of the mighty Van McCoy/Joe Cobb partnership (isn't it about time they had a career retrospective? It would be quite a compilation), If I Don't Love You, is almost as strong as the superlative a-side. It isn't getting the reissue treatment, so I've uploaded it.


brogues said...

Bobby Reed ... YEAH!!! Thanks once more for sharing. With every Lost Soul post my wants list increases by at least one :)

ally. said...

oh yes yes yes - top class mister. i only got introduced to the time is right... recently and it's immediately right up there. i never even hoped the b side could be quite this good too

guy smiley said...

time is right for loving was one of those tunes which got me into northern soul in the first place.. thanks to st etienne. i've never heard this a side before, and its of the same quality thank you ben :)