Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Puddle interview

One teacher said he didn’t know if I’d grow up to be a genius or a madman. For a long time I thought I’d have to choose.

An excellent interview with George Henderson of The Puddle was published in this week's issue of NZ magazine The Listener.

A new Puddle album, The Shakespeare Monkey, is out soon on Fishrider. Label boss Ian Henderson describes it as:
Over 60 minutes of top notch Puddle stuff from gentle mental psych-pop to yelping Stooges-infused garage rock and featuring strings (real ones, played by Alan Starrett who has played on some Bats and David Kilgour albums) and a monkey choir (not real, sadly - It's hard to find a good singing monkey in Dunedin).


victor noir said...

supposedly Mink, who also featured george henderson prominently, are also currently active but i have no idea if they will release anything any time soon. first two mink albums are classics. much more dear to my heart than the puddle.

Eponymous said...

I agree the first two Mink albums are classics... produced by a perfectionist and featuring some top musicians so sounding quite unlike most Dunedin pop. Alan Starrett was also in Mink so interested to hear his contribution to the new Puddle album. The Puddle's recorded output until "Songs for Emily Valentine" was eventually released in 2005 never represented them well... the description in the article about "spindly guitars punctuated with jabs of wonky scrunched-up organ" and the "bottom of a tin can" sound of Into the Moon are spot on.