Thursday, August 28, 2008

Safety Meeting Records - free CDs

You all know about the Mountain Movers, right? Course you do. Their label mates, Weigh Down, have, in Welcome To The Family Zoo, made an elegantly restrained, moodily brooding album. It’s unassumingly melodic like Wilco, compellingly artisanal like the Pernice Brothers, and attractively lugubrious like Grand Archives.

Safety Meeting records have kindly sent over a copy of that album, as well as ones by Quiet Life (woozy rock and bleary-eyed country) and Crooked Hook (intense psychedelic-stoner rock) to give away to a lucky reader. A competition is needed. Right. Look at the photograph below:

Which of the following is true:
a) Last Of The Summer Wine – The Musical
b) Stop making me look at those ugly cunts. My eyes will turn to stone.
c) L’Oreal - because we’re worth it.
d) Shampoo shortage felt keenly by geriatric pub rockers.

Any answer will do, to be honest, but priority may be given to UK residents so I don’t have to fill out a customs form at the post office.


harv said...

FAT is always at its most rewarding when laughing at Primal Scream.
Having said that, this is the worst band photo I've ever seen. Difficult to decide which band member I hate the most in this shot, though the only ones to escape any wrath are Martin Duffy & the generic fellow standing to his left.
See you later.

harv said...

FET, I mean....

martijn said...

I don't think you have to fill in customs forms for other EU countries. That doesn't answer your question, I know, but it is true. One can't say enough true things.

brogues said...

Heh heh ... the answer has to be a. I'd love to see Bobby Gillespie as Norah Batty in wrinkly stockings!

FireEscape said...

Correct! The CDs are in the post. You're a winner!