Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paul Chastain speaks

At no point does your host like to make capital of the fact that he has many Great Pop Mates (hello, Phil Wilson) but modesty will not prevent me from mentioning that PAUL CHASTAIN EMAILED:
Nines and Bag-O-Shells singles are available at parasol for your readers to whom you were offering the MP3s. I thought maybe you would pass the availability info along.

A Nines compilation is being figured out now and will hopefully come out soon.

Well, if you didn't download the Nines ep in March last year, here's your chance to own this rarity at the knock-down price of $20.50. There's also the second Bag-o-Shells ep, Pocketbook (by the way - and forgive me for namedropping - I asked rock legend Ian Cowen, Pocketbooks guitarist, if his band were named after this song; he looked at me blankly and asked if I could spare some money for a beer).

This Bag-O-Shells ep and the previous Markers single are the best things - and the competition is stiff - that Paul Chastain has done. Right. Go forth and purchase.

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