Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Very Most

The Very Most have the crisp, sweetly melodic guitar pop of Belle and Sebastian in 1996, the quirky keyboard stylings of Quasi, the anthemic, ringing jangle of Big Star and the knock-kneed, gauche 60s girls’n’guitars direction of The Aislers Set (I'm thinking of the straight-up pop greatness of The Last Match album).

Their second album – 4 years in the making! – Congratulations Forever, is out now. There’s a website all about it. The Very Most’s Jeremy Jensen emailed me some mp3s saying, “I think you’ll really dig it.” I second that emotion.

Good Fight Fighting

Spilt, Spilt Milk


Anonymous said...

Oh my ... Fireescapetalking does it again ... straight in the back of the net! 'Good Fight Fighting' is majestic. Cheers, guv!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

Tom said...

Excellent! And how cheap is that album to order from the States? Mine is on it's way. Nice find.