Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lost soul: Please Mr Sun

The first in a series of soul classics that have fallen through the floorboards

The a-side, The World Is Coming To A Start, is a good song, but you only have to flip this over and hear the awkward little Hammond kick at the start to know that Please Mr Sun is truly something special.

The smoky organ, and the mixture of laidback summer soul and late-night urgency puts Please Mr Sun right up there with the best of Barbara Lewis (yes, put this song next to Hello Stranger and Someday We’re Gonna Love Again and Think A Little Sugar, and it’ll hold its own even in that prestigious company).

Jackie Jason appeals to all of the forces of nature (“whisper to her, Mr Wind”; “babble to her, Mr Brook”) to help persuade his lady to return to him. Towards the end of the song, he’s pleading, down on his knees (“please please please Mr Sun") in classic James Brown style.

There's no date on the label, but 1970 seems about right to me. And you know what? You can still find this record for a fiver.


ally. said...

thankyou for this treasure dear - i shall be cobbling together a fiver as soon as

Simon said...

Beautiful stuff. Thanks for this!