Friday, June 29, 2007

Kid Canaveral

Herein lies a tale…

“You said she’s fit, but her music taste’s shite,
And when I tell you it doesn’t matter
You tell me she likes The McFly
And you like Erase Errata

When I tell you it didn’t matter
You remind me you like John Martyn
And she likes Neil Sedaka”
(“Smash Hits” Kid Canaveral)

We have all, I am sure, been there before. If not in real life, then you will perhaps recognise the situation of different music tastes getting in the way of a good relationship:
“You're in love, and it feels like shame
Because she's gone and made a fool of you in public again…
She's made you some kind of laughing stock
Because you dance to disco, and you don't like rock.”
(“Can You Forgive Her?” Pet Shop Boys)

Kid Canaveral’s debut single, Smash Hits, is the kind of joyous buzzsaw racket that’s so simple and so very effective you wonder why people don’t make it more often (clue: doing the simple pop thing right is one of the hardest tricks to pull off).

They sound like they’re armed with the knowledge that music peaked in 1976 with the first Ramones album (although the Shop Assistants were pretty good) and consequently Smash Hits is the kind of dumb punk pop that so very few get right. Fewer still get it as right as this. Go and listen to them here.


Tom said...

Good find and a great song. Ordered it after one play!

FireEscape said...

It's great, isn't it? If you're going to the Luminaire tomorrow night, I shall see you there.

Tom said...

Yes I will be there so we will have a natter at some point!

Tom said...

What did you make of Santa Dog and the Electric Pop Group then?

FireEscape said...

EPG were good, although they didn't blow me away; still, they're promising and I'll keep an eye on 'em.
Santa Dog were, I thought, terrible. It was pub rock, really. 'A pub rock Darling Buds' nails it.

Tom said...

Santa Dog were really rocky and I don't know why. Normally they play with a more indie pop and delicate sound. Someone must have turned the PA up!

marco said...

great band and that rose is hot if not a bit moody looking!!!!!!!!!