Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer Song

The first in what might become a series of summer songs may just as well start with Summer Song.

This overlooked nugget of pop perfection from 1988 manages to set a summery scene and take the piss out of overwrought psychedelic rockers The Electric Prunes right at the start:
“I’m gonna walk to the corner store,
Buy an ice-cream sandwich
I had too much to dream last night
And now I have brain damage.”

Written and produced by Jenny Joseph, this summertime celebration will sit perfectly between Jonathan Richman’s The Beach, The Springfields’ Sunflower and Love’s Orange Skies on any compilation made for hot days. It even has a flute solo.

This track is so good, in fact, that I can forgive the lead guitarist for trading under the name Plato Scampi and one of the backing singers being called Smelley Kelley.

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