Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sparring partners

There have in recent weeks been moments – but only moments – when my breast has swelled with such love for my fellow bloggers that I have pledged at various times to upload sundry pop songs of yore for their listening pleasure.

Nancy has stood up to be counted as a Korova Milk Bar fan; in the spirit of comradeship and support-group help, I promised to post their debut ep. I am a man of my word.
Calling Me Again/Desire

For reasons that I forget now (but it had something to do with summer songs) both Ally and myself agreed that it would be a very good idea to post some Grab Grab The Haddock. Ally has, apparently, the decorators in (shut up, the joke’s already been made); seeing as there are no obstacles to accessing my records, it has fallen to me to post them.
I’m Used Now

Last Fond Goodbye

It is worth, I think, sharing the line-up and duties listed on the back of their debut ep:
Alice Fox – vociferation and percussion
Steve Galloway – geetar, melodic guitar and piano
Lester Noel – guitar, piano, congas and bassdrum
Jane Fox – bass, bowed bits, celeste and minstrelsy

There isn’t, I sometimes (I wouldn’t want you to think I fret continuously over this) think, enough of the celeste in popular music.

Lastly, Chris has expressed an interest in The Caretaker Race’s Somewhere On Sea. This was, I think, their best moment. You will notice the Spanish-y guitar break which ties this song to 1987 (see also: Forever Steven by The Corn Dollies and La Isla Bonita by Madonna).


nancy said...

Thanks for thinking of me, FireEscape, much appreciated!

ally. said...

well done sunshine

i'd just dug out my haddock tunes too

Anonymous said...

Hey - amazed that anyone remembers 'Somewhere On Sea' - our first record. Thanks
Andy Strickland The Caretker Race

FireEscape said...

Thanks for dropping by! I never forget a good record.