Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Notes: Wishing Well

Just as the American onslaught of Shop Assistants copyists is dying down, Southampton’s The Notes have a go at turning girl group pop upside down. Their Wishing Well album is a refreshing take on a familiar template, drawing as deeply from saturnine post-punk (particularly, any number of crepuscular Factory releases that slipped through the floorboards) as it does from the pop-punk canon.

The joke doing the rounds was that Sunday at this year’s London popfest was going to be Youngfuck, Middle-Aged Fuck (14 Iced Bears) and Who Gives A Fuck (tbc). Now The Notes have been added to the line-up, everyone’s going to give a fuck and the bill could more accurately read The Notes plus some other fucking bands.


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff! Twitter kept suggesting that I add them as a friend but I never did. Aren't I the silly one? :)

cheers, brogues

richpassivity said...

This is a great band/record!

Andrew said...

I concur with Rich! Despite the fact that they live just round the corner from here, I've not seen them live yet. Popfest Sunday, here I come!

Anonymous said...

I have seen this group live, they are fantastic, i also have their vinyl, Andrew, you live around the corner!!!!! you lucky sod