Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Darren Hayman and Elizabeth Morris: I Know I Fucked Up

I Know I Fucked Up from Darren Hayman on Vimeo.

It’s too early to declare a winner, but Darren Hayman’s collaboration with Elizabeth Allo Darlin’, I Know I Fucked Up, is going to take some beating when the votes are counted after his project writing, recording and releasing a song every day this January is done.

Fans of rain-soaked miserablism (“You know I love you but you got me so mad/You were the best friend I almost had”), romantic subterfuge (“I tore pages out of your books/I wrote words where I knew you would look”) and, uh, footage of indiepop stars in their socks (29 seconds in) will not be disappointed.

I must conclude, reluctantly, that I Know I Fucked Up is marginally better than the proposal I put forward to Darren: record, with Elizabeth, a cover version of Allo Darlin’s Darren, and retitle it Karen, to go as a companion piece with Hefner’s Lee Remick in tribute to The Go-Betweens’ first single. That would, Darren cautioned, be a little Being John Malkovich.

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