Thursday, December 09, 2010

Warning: May Contain Indie (2010)

Yes, it’s time to go over the year’s releases and compile a CD for my friends who still like music but are either obliged by social services to spend their time and money on fripperies such as their children, or just got lazy.

This compilation isn’t an exact representation of my very favourite tracks of the year; even though it contains many of those, favourites were left out in cases where everyone will most likely have the song already, or where there just wasn't room, or I screwed up because I just didn’t spend that much time thinking about it. Stacks of brilliant new music has been omitted (as well as included, natch), but it's a mix for mates, not an awards ceremony!

1. Hey Girl! – Jo Stance
2. Freudian Slips – Big Troubles
3. All-American - Weekend
4. Twelve Hundred Dollars - Outdoor Miners
5. Up To London - Phil Wilson
6. Fun - Sourpatch
7. Crazy For You - Best Coast
8. Trouble In Mind – Erland and the Carnival
9. Alone At The Pier - Gigi
10. Sky Hi - Smoothie Pie
11. Fingers Crossed - Sweater Girls
12. Somebody Else – The Babies
13. Coffin – For Ex-Lovers Only
14. Getting By - Alex Bleeker and the Freaks
15. On Broadway – Myron and E with the Soul Investigators
16. If You Want The Love Of A Man (Come And Get It) - Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed
17. Love Doesn’t Just Stop - Standard Fare
18. What You’re Looking For - Omas
19. Go-Betweens - Mazes
20. Crybaby - The Sugar Stems
21. And It’s Over 1 - Moses Campbell
22. Rose Garden - Shad
23. You’re My Yoko – Television Personalities

I stand by all of these songs as being amazing (and remain convinced that there’s no let up in the quality of new music being released each year) with the possible exception of You’re My Yoko, which despite my initial excitement at what I thought was Dan Treacy’s return to form, might actually be a crappy re-write of Don’t Look Back In Anger. I’ll let the listeners decide.

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