Sunday, December 19, 2010

La Sera

The Vivian Girls' rock family tree entry gets bigger by the month. Katy Goodman has struck out on her own as La Sera. Never Come Around is captivatingly druggy like Mazzy Star, hypnotically psychedelic like Apples In Stereo, and charmingly seductive and twisted in equal measure like Spector's darker moments with The Ronnettes.

All the usual UK stockists are waiting for this 7" to arrive *shakes fist at disruptive weather*

Can't wait that long? Some of your Katy Goodman needs can be met by securing a copy of It'll Come Around (yeah, her title-generating software is limited at the moment), her collaboration with Gregg Foreman of Cat Power. It, too, will make your knees weak and your heart beat a little faster.

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