Monday, July 19, 2010

Make Robert Forster a Millionaire

After another great performance at Rough Trade East on Friday, I asked Robert Forster a question:
So you can live a life of luxury on rock'n'roll royalties, what bestselling act should cover which of your songs?
There are two. Elton John should do He Lives My Life from The Friends Of Rachel Worth. Do you know it?
I’d also like Keith Urban to cover Spring Rain.
I’d like the next teenager who wins Pop Idol or X-Factor to cover Spring Rain as they’d get an appreciation of making the transition from awkward adolescent to slightly less awkward grown up in public through that song.
Can you arrange that? Do you know people?
No, but the most persuasive method would be to launch a Facebook campaign. I’d have to assign one of my young charges to this job. Could I rely on your support in this endeavour?
You have my backing, my permission and my full support. Bon Jovi! I'd like them to do something as well.
Which Forster/GBs song Bon Jovi should cover remains a mystery.

1. My feeling is that getting a reality TV winner to sing Spring Rain would be achieved more easily in Australia than elsewhere.
2. When the next series of Australian Idol starts, the candidate most suitable to sing Spring Rain can be identified.
3. Someone in Australia (can you do this? Australians, please answer this call - don't forget, you will have Robert Forster's full support) launches a Facebook campaign to get that candidate to sing Spring Rain.
4. Spring Rain becomes the anthem of growing up for Australia’s disaffected youth.
5. The winner of Australian Idol sings it. It gets to number one.
6. Spring Rain becomes a standard of the Idol global repertoire.
7. Robert Forster collects $1million in royalties.

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