Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Love Myself And I Always Have

is the proposed title of Robert Forster’s next album. He played that new song last night at the Jazz Café after performing “15 songs about London” (or perhaps more accurately ’15 songs he wrote in London’). The highlights were a particularly theatrical romp through Spring Rain – Forster has always done camp wonderfully - a story about living in an attic once inhabited by Val Doonican and a cover of The Only Ones’ The Whole Of The Law with Forster mimicking Peter Perrett’s louche drawl perfectly. He then offered his services as a singer if anyone was going to start an Only Ones tribute band.

This was a much more confident performance than Forster’s last London show two years ago. Understandably, as he was then just starting out on the fourth stage of his career; this time around he seemed relaxed as a solo performer.

Next show: Rough Trade East this Friday at 6.30pm. See you there.

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