Monday, May 03, 2010

Last Train To Eastleigh!

An old fashioned fazine dropped into my letter box at the weekend. Last Train To Eastleigh! corners, as is the way of fanzines, a niche market, covering Southampton's indiepop history, as well as reviews of recent releases and gigs.

I enjoyed reading it; if you want to get your hands on the physical object, drop the editor Rich an email and he'll tell you how to get a copy.

The contents will be uploaded eventually, but romantics will surely want the physical format.


Andrew said...

I got my copy at the Best Coast gig in Southampton last night from the man himself! A good read, especially as I'd been to so many of the gigs that he mentioned!

richpassivity said...

Thanks to Ben & Andy for the kind words. Contents online at several places now including: