Sunday, May 02, 2010

First Base

Reasons to love First Base:
1. The titles on their new ep: She’s Boy Crazy, I’ll Be Your Hangover, You’re A Waste Of My Time, Back To Japan
2. Using two chords forever and ever
3. Cheap Trick bubblegum rock, Stooges monochrome riffs, Ramones dumb lyrics
4. They’re just goofing off and having fun; these pop songs are a happy accident
5. They make it sound so easy (but if it were that easy, then Los Campesinos! would’ve found a way to sound this good).

Reason to hurry: the purple vinyl is all sold out and there’s only 20 left of the black vinyl.

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Daniel Novakovic said...

I love First Base. That first cassette and 7" were amazing and this is easily as good