Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wavves news

There's a tour and an album. The press release below has some facts and, bizarrely, the claim that Wavves exemplify "every pastiche of what anyone in their mid 20's has been through musically and somehow, some that they have not".

That's what is politely refered to as oxymoronic. Or more prosaically greeted by a raised eyebrow and a withering "oh, for fuck's sake".
Bella Union are very pleased to announce the signing of Wavves aka 22 year old San Diego, resident - Nathan Daniel Williams who has been causing quite a stir with a few 7”s and DIY tapes – and releasing the debut album ‘WAVVVES’ on June 1st 2009.

You may have already heard WAVVES. If you have not, all I can say this: WAVVES are exemplifying every pastiche of what anyone in their mid 20's has been through musically and somehow, some that they have not.

Williams takes his influences from everything from sunshine pop, slacker pop, surf rock, teenage suburban punk and crackling lo-fi and evokes boyish reverie and reverence of thoughtful nostalgia.

WAVVES is the unlikely sound of today's American youth. It's a new day rising and as the WAVVES rise, they gotta converge. You can choose to stay down in the curl, but if you follow the winner, we can meet up on the crest..

27-May London Old Blue Last
21-Jun Oxford Jericho Tavern
22-Jun London Luminere
23-Jun Bristol Cooler TBC
24-Jun Manchester Deaf Institute
25-Jun Glasgow Captains Rest
26-Jun Leeds Cockpit
27-Jun Cardiff Buffalo Bar
28-Jun Nottingham The Social
01-Aug London Field Day


deej said...

That sentence doesn't actually make any sense whatsoever.

FireEscape said...

I know! Press releases are naturally given to hyperbole and lavish claims, but sometimes, as in this case, the PR really does overexcite the horseshite-ometer.

Anonymous said...

The faux-surfing crap at the end makes even less sense and raises an WTF eyebrow here. Waves don't "gotta converge" if they rise, and if you are nailed in "the curl" you won't be meeting anyone on "the crest" until you've picked the sand out of your boardshorts. All it's missing is a "hang ten daddy-o" on the end really... If I was Wavves I'd be sacking the PR pronto.