Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost Soul: The Superbs

Every sunny day should start with the laid-back groove, subtle harmonies and naggingly infectious beat of The Dawning Of Love. Combining the sugar-sweet politics of the summer of love with the civil rights movement’s more strident concerns, The Dawning Of Love is what pop watchers call a doozy.

The b-side, So Glad You’re Home (featuring three members of Kool and the Gang!), is one of those truly wonderful Vietnam War songs created by America’s soul scene. This would’ve been the stand-out track on either of Kent’s fine Vietnam War compilations Does Anybody Know I’m Here and A Soldier’s Sad Story (if you’re just going to buy one, the latter is the better offering). As it is, neither side of this single, to my knowledge, has ever been reissued.

Paul Kyser, the legendary soul producer behind this great double-sider, said, “My biggest regret was not releasing So Glad You're Home as the a side.” Kyser’s comments on the soul source forum suggest that he’s got plenty of unreleased material and maybe it will see the light of day soon. I do hope so.


ally. said...

damn you sure do know how to find a lost gem mister - top hole again

FireEscape said...

Glad you like it, chief!

Will said...

Both sides of the Superbs' single are available of the CD "Here Come The Girls" Vol. 9. But they are credited to "Devotion" because it was released on the Colossus label in addition to Symbol. It's a great comp all the way around, by the way.

Fire Escape said...

Ah, it makes sense that they would have been reissued somewhere. Thanks. I'll seek out the compilation.