Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Killjoys

The Killjoys have never quite got the attention they deserve. Their 1990 debut album, Ruby, has one of the great lost indiepop songs – and the only one with a vibraphone solo – The Greener Side.

I saw them live in their native Melbourne 9 years ago.
“Will you play The Greener Side?”
“B-but I’m over from London, this is my only chance to hear that song live.”
“Sorry, mate, we just don’t play songs that old.”

Five minutes later they played Fall Around Me, the single taken from Ruby. BASTARDS. Still, Fall Around Me is pretty nifty itself.

The Killjoys' Craig Pilkington might be familiar to some of you for his production and orchestration on the last three Lucksmiths albums.

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