Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catherine Wheel

No, not that one. This is The Honeys, minus songwriter Bruce Begley. "I wanted to try something different," [singer Andrea] Croft says. "We'd been touring pretty intensely over a few years - me and four smelly boys in a Holden HG. I wanted to try something poppy. It wasn't a big blow up."

Catherine Wheel revealed Honeys bassist Grant Shanahan to be a great songwriter himself. 19 years on, I still can’t decide which is the better side of their debut, Blue Avenue or Last Explanation, so here’s their other single, Almost Blind.

Begley turned up a year later fronting the Snow Leopards; Andrea Croft sang on one track, although the album doesn’t do a lot for me in comparison to Catherine Wheel’s understated pop masterclasses.

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