Saturday, December 20, 2008

TVPs - I Still Believe In Magic

News that Dan Treacy has developed MS is the latest sad chapter in his life of hard luck stories. I Still Believe In Magic is a reminder that, at his best, Dan is one of the finest songwriters the UK has ever produced.

Its b-side, a cover of Mel and Kim's Respectable, is a reminder that the TVPs had more than a passing familiarity with the ingestion of LSD.

The sleevenotes by Bob Stanley - for this single was issued on his Caff label - tell us:
Recorded and mixed in Jowe's Kitchen (note genuine frying pan effects at the beginning of side one), late Summer 1989. 'I Still Believe In Magic' was recorded in early '86 for an Andy Kershaw sesh in a freezing Stockport studio when Dan had a streaming cold. The Caff version which you are now holding was recorded on a splendidly lo-fi portastudio but makes up for the recording qual by being ten times more atmos. Some would call it poetry. ' Respectable' is a tribute to SAW, bless 'em.

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