Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lost Soul: The Brothers Of Love

I know nothing about this record, other than it’s dynamite. I’ll guess that the band are from Philly (their name suggests they’re probably from the city of Brotherly Love, and those sweetly stirring strings have got Philly all over them) and that it was made in 1968.

There are a few of the hallmarks of Chicago soul in Yes I Am – mid-tempo beat with vocal harmonies, anyone? - particularly that pleading-for-a-woman lyric:
I really don’t mind begging
As long as I get my wish
Baby I don’t mind fishing
As long as I catch my fish

And you’ve got to love the way the singer drops the “So bring your foxy self here” line, haven’t you? Yes, you have.


brogues said...

This is my fave 'Lost Soul' so far. Tremendous! Love the subtle sway. You're so right about that 'foxy self' line, too.

Mad Dave said...

I love this song an all- I've recently acquired Media Monkey (stick with me on this one) and its been played 16 times apparently (all the way through). Might not sound great, but considering that I have 11,000 60's soul/blues/R&B tracks on my computer and I play my music on shuffleI think it puts in a better light. Plus I only bought the Lost and Found cd about a year ago, so it's been edging its way up my play list. I'm sure it's not considered a great by the reviewers, but it is a song that will get you by surprise. To be honest I love Chicago soul from the likes of Curtis, Okeh and Brunswick, and this is one of those songs that has a bit of Chicago and Philly going on. To be fair I haven't got a clue, nor could I care, how close the two places are but it always seemed like the Curtis type Chicago soul evolved into the Philly scene. Obvious people like Jerry Butler exemplify that- a Chicago staple, who ended up being a headlining Gamble-Huff artist. Anyhoo I do digress, my point was that this could be Chi-soul, the details are too shady and Mercury records published records from around the country. Shame that the Lost & Found: The Blue Rock Records Story fails to give publishing (or even recording) dates or too much details about the locations where the songs were recorded. But in a way it's a good thing- put the song on again right now and just enjoy it. Let's not be too cerebal about this song, because it's all about the feeling. Ta-ra!