Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot New Band

I read an interview with minor pop tart Peaches Geldof in one of London's free newspapers ("you get what you pay for" would be a suitable tagline for all of them) last week in which she enthused about a great new band she's just discovered called The Fire Engines.

Ever eager to learn more, I rushed to the internets to check out this exciting new beat combo. Their 1981 single Candyskin suggests they'll go far.


Tim said...

The? "THE"? Ugh

FireEscape said...

Readers, Tim gets even more irate when people call his beloved Doves "The Doves". Don't cross him. He's nails.

ally. said...

a man after my own heart - 'the's are desperately important.
oh, and for gawd's sake... kid's today i don't know. national service...or something. at least be better at taking drugs and boozing. bloody lightweights

FireEscape said...

Too right, Sergeant Ally. National service will make kids a lot better at drug-taking and boozin'. A night out in a barracks town offers a commendable display of mass brain-addling with a side order of wanton violence.