Friday, June 20, 2008

Lost Soul: Lonette McKee

The sixth in a series of soul classics that have fallen through the floorboards

It’s 1974 and the sound of soul music is SEX. Anyone who thinks the distaff reaction to Marvin’s 1973 call to bed, Let’s Get It On, or Barry "The Mountain Of Mounting" White’s I've Got So Much Love To Give was to divest themselves of their cumbersome clothes and recline legs akimbo on a water bed, can't have heard Lonette McKee’s Do To Me.

A hymn to concupiscence and gratification, Do To Me sees Lonette McKee cajoling her man to forget his hang-ups and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.
I don’t see what the hang up would be
I dig you and I think you dig me
Come on and give it a try
I like the things you
Do to me in the morning time
Do to me in the evening time
Do to me when the sun don’t shine
Do to me when I’m feeling fine

Yes, this feminist anthem of free love suggests that Lonette McKee would have burnt her bra if she'd ever worn one.

Do To Me's mid-tempo crossover soul would fit right in after the necktie-loosening floorfillers have got everybody’s blood pressure pumping and just before the slow-paced erection section at the end of the DJ’s set.

Oh, if the song –particularly the keyboard - sounds slightly slow, all copies of this record I’ve heard play like this.

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