Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dead Dog

for your listening enjoyment: muffled singing! loud guitars! and 30%more feedbacK than the leading brand!

For anyone missing The Bridge Gang’s sonic chaos or the fury and, uh, dischord of 80s American hardcore, then Dead Dog's fiercely dissonant chiming - the product of punk rock played fast on Rickenbacker guitars - will press all the right buttons.

Their eponymous debut album is eight songs long, plays at 45rpm and is over in a quarter of an hour. Not a second is wasted in this rabid, vehement maelstrom.

A cover of Daniel Johnston’s Hate Song points to a deeper anguish underlying this maniacal riot, but songs like Dead Dogs Don’t Mind and Return Of The Living Dead show this trio are having a blast and their infectious brio is enchantingly – perversely – infectious.


rich passivity said...

This sounds like something I would like.
Where did you get this from?

FireEscape said...

I bought it via a link on their myspace site. It was despatched quickly, too.

boy said...

for anyone keeping track, boy genius drummer lisa and dead dog guitarist john were once in a really good band together called estevez. they're on myspace.