Thursday, May 01, 2008

Robert Forster articles

There's a great piece written by Robert Forster, part making-of-The-Evangelist, part tribute to Grant McLennan here.
Grant’s ghost was there, but there weren’t too many sad moments. Process, and the day-to-day work that goes into making an album, robbed us of too much reflection. His amp was set up and a guitar of his stood on a stand. We all had to work a bit faster because Grant’s turn to sing or play never came around. Through it all, though, we knew we were honouring him by making a great record in a place that he knew.

And here's a very illuminating interview.
I didn’t want just one deep, dark tone. I’m sure he didn’t want me… Always at the back of my mind, was that Grant’s great love was pop music, so I wanted to keep the pop elements there. If anything gets poppy, go for it. Almost in some sort of tribute to him.

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ally. said...

thanks as ever for these - it's a marvelous record.