Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Hangover Lounge

A brand new club for you all to recover from the excesses of the night before, The Hangover Lounge opens at 1pm on Sunday May 25 and every Sunday thereafter. Your hosts for this social are Tim Hopkins (he was in The Visitors! now he's in The First Division!), John Jervis (he runs the WIAIWYA label, featuring Sportique, Girlfrendo, Marine Research, Action Biker, Airport Girl and many, many more!) and me (fuck all!).

For the Sunday after a Saturday night’s drinking, The Hangover Lounge gives you a reason to get out of bed in the afternoon.

A soft comedown club for hard drinkers, The Hangover Lounge is the place to eat Sunday lunch, drink hair of the dog, meet like-minded souls, read the papers and make idle chit chat all to some soothing sounds. That might mean country rock or deep soul or psychedelia or soft pop or lovers rock, or anything else which sounds great and will make your head feel so much the better.

Guest DJs (all famous and legendary) are lined up in the coming weeks. If you fancy a turn DJing, email thehangoverlounge(whether or not you're famous or legendary) and we'll work something out. Marvellous.

WHERE: 58 Penton Street N1 9PZ (Corner of Chapel Market)
WHEN: SUNDAYS 1pm-7pm, starting May 25.


Trev Lostmusic said...

Sounds fab.

brogues said...

Tremendous! Hope it's a great success for y'all!

brogues said...

Actually, the more I think about it the better it gets! I remember seeing Tim and co. playing a Sunday lunchtime gig in Islington and loved the relaxed feeling that hearing lovely music at that time of the day/week created. Sigh. What a great day! Sweet.

ally. said...

typical - i lived for bloomin ever on sunny penton street and there was never anything on. ever. it was a lovely place to live mind.
i'll try and pop down if i can bear the heartbreak of seeing my lovely old home

ally. said...

actually i take it all back - there was a few things at the salmon and compasses - i was thinking of the one at the other end.

Tom said...

Sounds good. I will try and nip down one afternoon. Good luck with it!

FireEscape said...

Ally - do you mean The Agricultural? That's for football fans, market traders and anyone who doesn't object to having to queue at the bar to ask for a special security code to open the toilet door...and do you fancy DJing one week?

ally. said...

i wasalways partial to the agricultural - especially surrounded by west ham fans when they beat north end in the play off final. happy days.
i always prefer hearing other peoples records than playing mine but maybe - ta for asking. i'll pop down in a couple of weekends

jennpb said...

Hey there,
Just now setting up a Facebook group for you. Can you send along any/all graphics you might have?

Anonymous said...

sounds good..

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