Friday, February 01, 2008

More Indiepop Lovin'

Some say that The Bible is The Greatest Story Ever Told. But then there are some who haven’t been following the continuing saga of Crystal Palace Andy Looking For Justine From Kilburn, or “One man's quest to make up for his inability to work his own mobile phone aka: 'How I plucked up courage to talk to a lovely girl, she gave me her phone number but I lost it'.”

Before you can utter Whitesnake’s immortal verse
The love of a woman
The needs of a man
I try so hard to believe
But I don't understand
The search goes on

there’s a Find Justine Benefit gig (relax, Whitesnake will not be playing) tomorrow night from 7pm at the Queen Bodecia pub in Clerkenwell. For facebook fans, there’s a link to the event here.

Once again, good luck, Andy. And Justine, if you’re reading this, do us all a favour or this saga will turn into a Channel 5 documentary Why Indie Boys Can’t Get Laid. We can, you know. We can.


CarsmileSteve said...

i suppose it doesn't count as stalking if he's not actually following her around...

Fire Escape said...

It only takes a bit of Whitesnake to arouse your attention, doesn't it, Steve?
The whole point of the exercise is to find her. Then the stalking can begin. Or the slow walks and holding hands by the river. Then the marriage. Or the restraining order.

Anonymous said...

She's ether going to find this hopelessly romantic and brilliant or christ-that's-tragic.

I know which one I'd pick.

Imposs1904 said...

Didn't The Bible release a single called 'Crystal Palace'?