Sunday, February 03, 2008

Even More Indiepop Lovin'

MJ Hibbett's entertaining autobiography charting 10 years of playing third support at the Bull and Gate, selling t-shirts emblazoned with the legend that is his very name, interpreting Boom! Shake The Room via the medium of the ukulele, writing in CAPITAL LETTERS, hangin' tough with indie overlord Steve Lurpak, being an internet celebrity and having gurls talk to him because he's a superstar troubadour, contains enough bodice-ripping page-turning exploits to gird the loins of the whole of the indiepop world.

Slightly disturbingly, however, we learn that MJ spent the night with WIAIWYA label commander, John Jervis. John?
Blimey... I wish I could remember ANYTHING... I slept with hibbett...
I feel a bit grubby...

Someone is obviously lying here. Who could forget a night with MJ "indie love machine" Hibbett? John, a night with Leicester Love God MJ, a man versed so skilfully in the physical and pneumatic aspects of actually doin' it, a powerhouse so dynamic from strumming his axe vigorously for an hour a night on stage and then servicing doe-eyed groupies backstage until the champagne and cocaine has run out, MJ "Percy" Hibbett's gargantuan, Herculean thrust would've seen your spleen NAILED to the roof of your MOUTH.

MJ will be taking the story of his Exciting Life In Rock to the Edinburgh Festival this summmer. You can follow his progress on myspace.

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paddy said...

hi ally. found apes in control. hope you and dennis are still here. happy new year.the taverna can niffer be the mani padme hum! in at love pat.