Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Apes In Control

Many of you will know that The Wee Cherubs’ Dreaming was released on the Bogaten label. The first release on Bogaten was by Apes In Control, who featured Hector Bain, co-owner of Bogaten with Ali McKenzie of the Alleged.

I know very little about Apes In Control; what I do know comes from Chuck Warner’s authoritative liner notes to Messthetics 105, an excellent expoloration of Scottish post-punk treats that slipped through the floorboards. Maybe Chuck will reissue this single – mine you will notice is a little crackly; I do know that he’s working on issuing The Wee Cherubs demos, so keep an eye out on his hyped2death label.

I don’t know if there were any other Bogaten releases apart from Apes In Control and The Wee Cherubs, but if anyone out there has more information, please share your knowledge.

Joined In The Dance


thePrimate said...

Apes in Control formed from the wreckage of the Alleged in 1980. The Alleged bass player Stuart Moffat and drummer Euan Cameron (Yinny)were replaced in Apes in Control by Brian Carlin, bass and Graham Adam, drums in addition to the Alleged contingent of Alisdair McKenzie, guitar Hector Bain, guitar and Euan Wilkinson, vocals. The band lasted in one form or another for about six years and at various points in its existence had OTHER MEMBERS INCLUDING....MARC NUGENT who replaced Hector. Kevin McCollum who added a second bass to the line up.Craig Leslie( radio ghosts) added a second set of drums for a while and Martin Cotter
contributed for a time too.
Apes in Control released 2 singles on their Boga-ten label...the 7inch "joined in the dance/funtimes" and the 12inch "pulling strings" e.p. with tracks
1. guilt 2a. mask of tears 2b popsong?(instrumental). there are also surviving tapes of an unreleased album recorded 1984 at park lane studios in glasgow

Fire Escape said...

Thanks for the information. I'll look out for the 12". If you were involved in the band and have the album tapes, email me and I'll put you in touch with a couple of labels who might be interested...

eric andries said...

i saw the band in the doune castle,shawlands many a time, dog street was there bast song, written by ali r.i.p.

thePrimate said...

pedantic bastard that I am ....DOG STREET real title DIDDLING...Words by Edgar Allan Poef rom his short story Diddling MUSIC by APES collctively ...sung by Ali!!