Monday, January 14, 2008

Songs For Children

My mate Daniel was over from Sweden at christmas. While looking through my singles, his interest was exercised by The Pastels' Songs For Children debut on Whaam!

He reckoned that the b-side, Tea Time Tales, is different on the original than on re-releases. I wouldn't know about that, but he insisted I upload it. I may just as well upload the a-side, Heavens Above!, too.

There were a few singles Daniel saw that he implored me to upload, but I can only find The Pastels and Another Sunny Day singles. I strongly suspect he stole the other ones while my back was turned fetching him a beer from the fridge. No gratitude, some people.


Anonymous said...

Great to see The Greatest Band In The World Ever (tm) gracing your esteemed blog! The good news is that their collaboration with the mighty Tenniscoats is now finished and will be released sometime in 2008. Hurrah!

cheers, brogues

Daniel Novakovic said...

Yay! I also think the version that came out on the Heavens Above/I Wonder Why compilation 7" is called Tea Time Song and not "Tales"

FireEscape said...

You're right, the Underground release is Tea Time Song. Now, can I have the records back that you nicked?

Daniel Novakovic said...

I know nothing! Nothing! ;)

Wasn't it mostly the Caff singles I wanted you to put up? And it could've been a flexi as well but I can't remember which one. Ah what bad thigs those fine british ales can do to ones memory

FireEscape said...

There's a Caff discography here. Many of the songs have been made available elsewhere since release, but if there's anything you need from the Caff back catalogue I could upload it.
I did warn you about the Bishop's Todger and the Dog Bolter guest ales. You've only yourself to blame.