Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Puddle

The Puddle's first new release in 15 years, the album No Love No Hate, is surreal and tender, capturing the black humour of the Silver Jews, the experimental garage rock of The Clean and Pavement’s crooked post-punk in an elusive, subtly psychedelic vision.

Three albums for Flying Nun between 1986 and 1993, before they recorded their Songs For Emily Valentine album which songwriter and the only constant in the revolving Puddle line-up George D Henderson claims “wasn’t rejected. I just thought it was so good it would sell itself, so I never actually played it to anyone else.” Songs For Emily Valentine was eventually released in 2006 and can be bought, along with No Love No Hate, from Powertool Records.

No Love No Hate was played and recorded solely by Henderson in his brother’s home studio in Dunedin last year. Recordings with a full band made in 2005 are due to be released as a 12-track album, Playboys In The Bush, later this year.

But you will not see me naked often. I wear what I normally wear; no underclothes, a white button-down shirt, black corduroy-velvet, mildly flared trousers, black dress socks, and a brown corduroy single-breasted jacket. I never wear T-shirts or pyjamas. I have three pairs of shoes, Doc Martens, boat shoes and black dress shoes, and I often wear a tie. In winter I may reluctantly wear a plain sweater or a light-coloured coat.


qwert yuiop said...

the puddle should only release singles. their singles are brilliant. the albums not so much. 'songs for emily valentine' had terminator x which would have been a fabulous single somewhere in time and then it had little else. i always thought him a bit creepy. the Mink records are better probably because of the presence of Demarnia Lloyd and Genevieve Mclean, allegedly there might be Mink recordings in the near future as well.

Eponymous said...

Yes, the two singles The Puddle did release in the 1990s were brilliant ("Thursday" on Flying Nun and "Power of Love" on Acetone) but to me SFEV and NLNH are full of singles. Anyway, in this age of downloads any song you want to be a single is a single... If you can't cope with a genuine mad-as-a-snake eccentric you may find him creepy. I think he's a just a brilliant, flawed rock'n'roll genius and I want to hear more.

FireEscape said...

I'm with you on this one, eponymous. We'd all be the poorer without eccentrics like Wayne Coyne, Kraftwerk, Julian Cope, Brian Wilson, Jonathan Richman, Swamp Dogg, Arthur Lee and George D Henderson. If everyone walked down the same straight roads music would never move on.
What was that liner note to The Seeds' Web of Sound lp? Something about 'reaching into the dark looking for the light switch'.
I, too, want to hear more Puddle records.

Pure NZ Alt Radio said...

Gidday there, enjoyed this album as well. I'm playing it on my internet delivered radio station [link via my blog] and getting good feedback from listeners.