Sunday, May 06, 2007

Grant McLennan - one year on

A year today one of the world's finest songwriters of the post-punk era died. To mark this sorrowful loss of one of the greats, I post here a small part of his exceptional legacy of love songs, all with that certain frisson, including an exceptionally fiery Easy Come, Easy Go; the ever emotive Bachelor Kisses; and a particularly powerful rendition of Streets Of Your Town.

All songs were captured live in Hamburg, 31 October 2000.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Bachelor Kisses
Easy Come, Easy Go
Streets Of Your Town

You may think me stupid - frankly, that is the least of my worries - but I add here a photograph of the Grant McLennan shrine at FET HQ.

Ahem. I will leave off here.


ally. said...

lovely stuff. thankyou.

FireEscape said...

Glad you liked it!

Fnarf said...

About as far from stupid as you can possibly be. Nancy and I sat and watched our video collection, the one that went along with "1978-1990", and I blubbered a few hot tears into my wine to see his baby face bouncing around with "PONY" written on it during "Right Here". Has that been digitized anywhere? They were lovely as lovely can be. Sleep well, my prince.

FireEscape said...

You'll be looking for this Right Here

If what you don't see in the lines above is a lovely link underlined, I'm sure you can find the address in the html there.

Fnarf said...

That would be the one.