Thursday, February 22, 2007

Winning friends

Since starting this blog I have racked up showbiz mates (Phil Wilson emailed!), my influence on the world of indie has been recognised to such an extent that I got a press release about something last week and John Jervis of WIAIWYA isn't always in such a hurry to "do something else" when I sidle up to him to make idle chit-chat about indiepop.

Best of all perhaps is following a post about Medium Cool, said label's supremo Andy Wake got in touch and festooned me with CDs (two! great they were and all!) and responded to my heartbreaking tale of losing the Medium Cool Autum Collection 1987 poster by searching his house, outbuildings and grounds until he found one cowering in a corner and then despatched it to me. What a gent!

I got it framed, I took down the picture of Aretha Franklin to make room and, in a scene I'm quite sure you won't have caught on Changing Rooms, one wall of the FET picture gallery now looks like this:

Thanks, Andy!


ally said...

that poster worked well for us over at sombrero after the siddeleys were enraged by their records non appearance on it. they left medium cool and 'sunshine thuggery' became sombrero three.

FireEscape said...

What?! I thought EMI would've won the bidding war.
Hey, were you involved in Trout Fishing In Leytonstone?

Wakey said...

Ally, you're quite right about the Stuart Sutcliffe poster incident. The Siddeleys single was a delayed summer release which hadn't therefore been included on our autumn collection poster much to the groups annoyance.

It's totally understandable now and I was genuinely pissed off to lose them but pleased they decided to work with someone I respected as a fellow music lover.

Thankfully I'm now back in touch with Johnny who's thrilled for The Siddeleys to be a part of the forthcoming Medium Cool retrospective 'The Punk Rock Itch'. I've also received her blessing for the inclusion of her legendary acoustic demo of 'What Went Wrong This Time?'

As you'd probably expect from MC, the double album will also be accompanied by a stunning poster.
My initial thoughts are to use a smouldering shot of Richard Hell but I'm still open to alternative suggestions...

Andy Wake

ally. said...

that first johnny johnson/siddeleys tape is a beautiful thing that i don't think was ever bettered. i'm really glad she's letting the world hear some of it.all our lot made better demos i think, especially reserve.

and yes i did do said rag.