Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Galaxie 500

“Until the futurist Filippo Marinetti began talking about speeding up rivers, ‘the Danube had never seemed so deliciously slow’. Peering back through history, we see scenes in a kind of slow motion that did not exist then. We have invented it.”
from Faster: The Acceleration Of Just About Everything, by James Gleick

Looking back at Galaxie 500 through the simulacrum of the double DVD set, Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste 1987-91, the Boston trio prove themselves as one of those few bands who could stop the clocks and make the world stand still. A band who, as we know on the Fourth Of July, looked at the Empire State Building and saw that it was no bigger than a nickel.

They recorded their albums quickly, keeping in all the mistakes, and in the dizzying, buzzing live performances captured here they imposed their own beguiling and bewildering order on the world.

They were simultaneously lugubrious and writhing joyfully in cavernous noise; an especially rare expression of the avant-garde that you want to embrace and be part of (see also: Roxy Music in 72 and the Velvet Underground whenever they took off their shades).

The two unreleased tracks don’t add much to the sum of knowledge, as one’s another Jonathan Richman cover (Back In Your Life) and the other, Buzz In My Head, is a little too close to JoJo’s Abdul and Cleopatra to properly have that ghostly atmosphere and epic paranoia that would truly mark it out as a Galaxie 500 classic.

I mention all of this because the DVD - 4 (four!) hours long -is being sold for the very reasonable price of £7.95.
Just don't you all snap them up before I buy one for my mate's birthday. Thanks.
DISC 1:MUSIC VIDEOS - 4 music videos directed by Sergio Huidor-Tugboat-When Will You Come Home-Blue Thunder-Fourth of July
TAPING FOR UK TELEVISION, LondonFebruary 9, 1990-Tell Me-Strange-Here She Comes Now-Interview with the band
LIVE ARCHIVE - 20 songs from 5 shows1) Middle East, Cambridge, Massachusetts March 19, 1988-Oblivious-I Can't Believe It's Me-Back in Your Life (unreleased)-Buzz in My Head (unreleased)
2) Commonwealth School, Boston, Massachusetts April 21, 1989-Tugboat-Temperature's Rising-When Will You Come Home
3) Kennel Club, San Francisco, California March 28, 1990-Flowers-Blue Thunder-Decomposing Trees
4) Club Lingerie, Hollywood, California March 30, 1990-Snowstorm-Plastic Bird-Victory Garden-Pictures-Ceremony
5) Kennel Club, San Francisco, California October 15, 1990-Summertime-Spook-Hearing Voices-Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste-Melt Away

1) The Point, Atlanta, Georgia January 26, 1990-Decomposing Trees-Pictures-Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste-Blue Thunder-Plastic Bird-When Will You Come Home-Ceremony
2) ULU (University of London), London, England November 15, 1990-Fourth of July-Hearing Voices-Summertime-Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste-Spook-When Will You Come Home-Sorry-Melt Away-Listen the Snow is Falling-Blue Thunder-Here She Comes Now

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