Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shortwave Set aim for Eurovision

After failing to be nominated for win the Mercury Music Prize, The Shortwave Set are aiming to follow in the footsteps of Gina G, Sonia, Love City Groove, Nicki French and Black Lace by carrying the flag for Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Their new single is possibly the best thing they've done. If they can do an album as strong, and do something more on stage than play The Debt Collection lp with a lot of pre-recorded music, they'll be contenders. Not necessarily for Eurovision (the UK will have to withdraw from Iraq and move to the Balkans to maximise its vote-winning potential for that) you understand.

According to a press release that winged its way over here a fortnight ago (nothing if not responsive here):

Roger Dunwoody, The Shortwave Set’s legendary manager, has unveiled his latest plans for the band as recording commences on their eagerly awaited second album.

Whilst many consider the band’s debut LP, “The Debt Collection”, to have been criminally ignored by this year’s Mercury Music Prize judges, this is not a view shared by Dunwoody himself: mainly because he has never actually heard of the award. Instead Roger prefers to cast his eye towards the prestige and glamour of music’s premier prize, the Eurovision song contest.

Bringing to bear all the managerial skills which led to his acts virtually dominating the Tattenham corner live scene (between 1969 and 1973), Dunwoody is considering an audacious plan to team his South London upstarts with the pride of North London (no, not the mighty Arsenal) in an ‘assault’ on the 2007 event. Details are sketchy, but Roger has assured us he has ‘had words’ and talks are ongoing.

Meanwhile at their South London HQ the band remain blissfully unaware, preferring to concentrate on their recording schedule, and the limited edition 7”, Casual Use/Billy which is available on Monday 20th November in reputable establishments while stocks last. “Billy” is also available now from Rough Trade Shops’ new digital empire.(

Following the acclaimed success of the Pawn Shop club nights in Soho, The Shortwave Set end the year back on home turf with a South-East London Christmas knees up at The Montague Arms, New Cross. This will be taking place on Friday 1st December from 8pm. The tax is £4 (an additional £2 if you wish to sit on Santa¹s knee). The Montague Arms, 289 Queens Road, New Cross, SE15 2PA

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