Monday, November 20, 2006

No Music Day - A Con Like The Million Quid

Tomorrow sees another day of Bill Drummond's wheezes - perhaps this will be a good time for the government to bury some bad news, so if somewhere in the middle east gets nuked, we'll blame Drummond - in which the prankster or, as those less charitable than me might call him, a wacky funster - pulls another stunt from his tired old hat with his No Music Day.

Sorry, Bill, but there'll be plenty of music round FET HQ. Nothing special like an all-night party as waking up the neighbours is so Bryan Adams, but rest assured nothing will change just because you've been given the oxygen of publicity again.

This No Music Day is tiresome, but it's not as tiresome as that Million Quid con you and Cauty pulled 12 years ago.

Fine if you'd really burnt a million quid, but you didn't. You burnt a million quid in pounds sterling, yes, but it was just paper. Money doesn't become legal tender until it's been exchanged for goods and services etc. Until then it has only the potential to be money. All you got was a relatively small fine from the Bank of England for destruction of property. That - about £25k, wasn't it? - was all you lost.

So enough of the hard-luck stories, like whingeing last year, "It's a hard one to explain to your kids and it doesn't get any easier. I wish I could explain why I did it so people would understand."

Play plenty of music tomorrow. I'll be sticking on Bill Drummond Said by Julian Cope a few times, I reckon.

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