Monday, July 17, 2006

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In 1964, a tiny fraction of the Beatles' many thousands of pieces of devoted fan mail were collected in a book, Love Letters To The Beatles. This charming book gives us an insight into the troubled minds, depraved sexual appetites and feverish delusions of the American fan during Beatlemania.

But these letters are still unanswered. In the type of public-spirited gesture not seen since swapping some shiny beads with those travellers for Manhattan, the emancipation of women and the invention of beer, today's musicians will be answering the very questions put to The Beatles back in 1964.

First up, Mark Monnone of The Lucksmiths stands in for Paul McCartney. Oh yes, if any top pop stars (or Paul or Ringo) want to answer Beatles fan mail, do get in touch.

Dear Paul,
Do you still like to ride backwards on a bicycle like I read in the paper or have you learned to cope with society?

Yours truly,
Miss Lucy Walker
Altoona, PA

Dear Lucy
As society has finally caught up with me and cycles backwards, I much prefer it sideways.

Mark Monnone

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