Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Puddle/Robert Scott split single

The first classic of 2011 is here: The Puddle show that 25 years into their career they’re capable of writing a song that sits comfortably with the very best of their exceptional output. George D Henderson’s careworn voice is offset by guest vocalist Sharon Cunningham's sweet melody; Average Sensual Man sits somewhere between the high moutain plains of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, and the bilious back-room scuffle of Microdisney when Cathal Coughlan sparred with June Miles-Kingston.

Robert Scott and Magic Dirt's Adalita Srsen team up for That’s What I Heard, a beguiling shanty that dips into the rich reservoir of doleful folk-jangle that fans of The Magick Heads will remember fondly.

This record is worth the admission price for either of these songs; to get two great songs, both of which – whether this was planned or not – are bittersweet duets which complement each other just so make this split single even more remarkable.

To all those people who sigh wistfully that NZ music peaked in the 1980s: buy this single and live in the now where the classics are being minted.

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richpassivity said...

Looking forward to getting this single!