Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ghost Wave

If you were wondering where the Dunedin Sound went to, it's currently in Auckland being looked after by Ghost Wave. Hippy is a freewheelin' romp through David Kilgour's melodic maelstrom and Snapper's naggingly insistent pop art with the fx pedal stuck on buzzsaw and a dumbfuck guitar solo that is spot on.

Fans of the Mary Chain will probably take notice; fans of Surf City’s debut who were so underwhelmed by their follow-up that they only played it once (hello!) will clutch Hippy to their heart and also download the Gold demo (which sounds like a rough’n’ready version of The Clean’s In The Dream Life You Need A Rubber Soul) before demanding that at least one of the world’s leading indie labels sign Ghost Wave immediately.

When you do sign them, please make them change their name as Ghost Wave sounds like it's a niche musical genre. Don't change anything else, though. Thanks.

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