Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fregus & Geronimo album

"Sparks is a pretty big influence - not just musically, but the way that band operates. It is two guys making weird music with no other agenda than being creative and surprising, and that's what I want this band to be. That band is a great example of a group that makes no compromises for creativity." Andrew Savage

Fergus and Geronimo release their debut album, Unlearn, in January which on the basis of their riotous soul-driven rock’n’roll singles so far is going to set the scene in 2011. The song titles alone promise great riches:
1. Girls With English Accents
2. Wanna Know What I Would Do?
3. Powerful Lovin'
4. Baby Boomer/Could You Deliver
5. Michael Kelly
6. Baby Don't You Cry
7. Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass
8. The World Never Stops
9. Forced Aloha
10. Could You Deliver
11. Unlearn

There’s a new single first, Never Satisfied/Turning Blue, which you can stream.

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