Saturday, September 04, 2010

More Outdoor Miners

Seeing as how Outdoor Miners got everything right on their first ep, they’ve used the same tactics on their second:

• Lead song - a kick-ass riff like Dinosaur Jr when they caught fire (1987-91)

• Second song - more of the same

• Third song – country-psych ballad sounding eerily like it should have been on Pavement’s Crooked Rain (put Friends With Money between Gold Sounds and Range Life and you’d make that album better, no contest)

If Outdoor Miners’ first record was them sticking their flagpole in the international underground’s territory, their second is this Canadian band waving and shouting to get noticed by more people. And you should take notice, really you should.


toby said...

I didn't know this had come out. Loved their first one. Just ordered, and noticed that the first one hasn't sold out yet. Good for anyone who hasn't got it yet, but in a just world it would have sold out long ago.

Fire Escape said...

Yeah, their first ep is one of my favourite records of the past year and yet they can't even emblazon their website with the legend '300 Outdoor Miners fans can't be wrong'. What's wrong with the world's record buyers?!

Anonymous said...

hi, it's cause we're lazy, but thanks.