Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vic Godard: Blackpool MP3

Vic Godard is giving away the title track of his latest ep, Blackpool, a sort of anti-Holiday Hymn about the northern seaside town.

The Blackpool ep consists of four songs Vic wrote with Irvine Welsh for a short-lived musical which ran in 2002. You can buy the ep for £5 plus P&P (£1.25UK;1.50EUR & £1.99ROR). Paypal to

A new album of songs evolving over the past 15 years, We Come As Aliens, is out on October 11 and, according to Vic, is influenced by “Latin American (Same Plan), Northern Soul (Best Album), R’n’B (Life in the Distance) and Punk, and then there is Music of a Werewolf”.

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