Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Robert Scott: Ends Run Together

Robert Scott has a solo album, Ends Run Together, out next month. If Scott’s previous solo efforts have exercised abstract instrumentalism (The Creeping Unknown) or required some restraint (Tascam Hits) then Ends Run Together seamlessly joins the dots between The Bats’ effortless melodic touch and The Clean’s captivating psychedelia.

This observation has been brought to you after hearing just one of the album’s thirteen songs, Moon Up Stairs, but my sparring partners in New Zealand who’ve heard the album say it’s all that and more. This success is no doubt due in part to the backing of a full band including Alan Starrett, the kiwi scene’s go-to man for orchestral pop, and the return of Look Blue Go Purple’s Lesley Paris (I know!).

Mistletone is releasing the album in Australia on September 4; Flying Nun will be issuing it in New Zealand at an as-yet unspecified later date.

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suejayne said...

The "Daylight" song is really good too. I'm really looking forward to this album.